Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Science in a Van

We were very fortunate to have the lovely husband and wife team from Science in a Van visit us on Monday.  We learned all about matter. Over this term we will be looking further into this and doing some experiments of our own.

Learning about material properties.

Using our senses to figure out what things are.
Mr Petrie being welcomed with a jar of beads and gravity.
What happens when you apply force to something? It moves.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating NOWRUZ

On Friday we were lucky enough to have one of our class members share her special tradition with us.  We have been writing about family traditions in our room and this young lady taught us all about the Persian new year - Nowruz, meaning NEW DAY.  Below is a photo of the haft-seen table which was made for us to experience. The table, which is always on display at Nowruz, has seven items laid out on it and they all start with the letter S and have a significant meaning.

We learnt so much and appreciated the effort that was put into it.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Autumn is here...

Room 9 has started on a beautiful piece of autumn artwork.
Some of us collected leaves and then we studied the veins, the shapes and the colours.

We used pastels in autumn colours to cover our entire page trying to blend the shades of colour together as we went.  Then we painted over the entire page with black paint.  While we were waiting for the pain to dry we practiced drawing different types of leaves in our sketch books.  Our next step will be to carefully scratch the outlines of our leaves into our black paint, revealing the beautiful autumn tones that lie beneath it.  I will upload the end result later in the week.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Where does our story start?

Last week we took a look at how we are all connected to different people and places.
We talked about where our families came from geographically, and where our parents or even grandparents came from.  As a class we were surprised at how many of us came from the same places and it was so neat to hear the children discussing this with each other.

The class seemed to really enjoy plotting themselves on the world map and seeing where others had travelled from.  This week we want to start looking closer at our own stories.  Who are we connected to and where do they come from? How far can you trace your family history and what can we find out from our parents about their lives when they were little?

Stories are an important part of who we are and how we are connected to those around us. Remembering that family looks different for all of us and being sensitive to those who have loved and lost, lets try and bring some positive, happy, and meaningful memories into our week and share them with our children and each other.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome to Room 9

As part of our behaviour management in our class, I would like to have all our students added to DOJO. This is a relatively new program and has been successful in many classroom around the world. It will take us a little while to learn together in our class how to use it in the most effective way.  Before we can start using this we need you to do something for us.  Please click on the DOJO link which is on the left hand side under the heading 'useful links'.  This will take you directly to 'Miss Wheeler's Class'.  Please add your details so that your child can be added to the class and start earning reward points. I will make sure we keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you in advance!